You can log in to Skyline Advisor to view the Dashboard, Inventory, Findings & Recommendations, Operational Summary Reports, and use Log Assist to transfer support bundles to VMware.

Skyline Advisor is a self-service web application that allows customers to view their findings and recommendations on-demand, within a web browser.

Access to Skyline Advisor is granted within a VMware Cloud Services Organization. If you need access to Skyline Advisor, contact your Cloud Services Organization Owner.


  • Have created a VMware Cloud Services Organization for Skyline. Details for how to create a VMware Cloud Services Organization for Skyline are available at


  • In a web browser, go to
    1. Log in to Cloud Services.

      You can use your existing My VMware account details to log in to VMware Cloud Services. You do not need to create an account for the purposes of utilizing VMware Cloud Services.