The OSR Library contains all Operational Summary Reports (OSRs) available for download.

The Operational Summary Report (OSR) Library page allows you to download both standard and custom OSRs directly from Skyline Advisor.


The ability to view the OSR Library page and download Operational Summary Reports is available to customers with Premier Support & Success 360. If you have not purchased Premier Support or Success 360, the OSR Library page will not be visible to you within Skyline Advisor.


The ability to create a Custom OSR is not available to customers. To create a custom OSR, ask your Support Account Manager to create the OSR based upon a defined criteria. Your Support Account Manager has the capability to create, and deliver, a custom OSR.

An example of a custom OSR is all Critical Findings in the Compute category, for a particular vCenter Server. This custom OSR would contain all findings that meet this filter criteria.

Operational Summary Report Details

The Operational Summary Report (OSR) contains all Advanced Findings that exist within Skyline Advisor for your Organization, at the time that the report was generated. The report will not contain all Findings. Advanced Findings are only available to customers with Premier Support. See KB 79286 for more details regarding Basic and Advanced Findings.

If you need a report that contains all Findings, please contact your Support Account Manager or Technical Account Manager to create a custom report containing all Findings.

Download Operational Summary Report

To download an Operational Summary Report (OSR), click the DOCX or ZIP icon. Downloading the Operational Summary Report in DOCX format will download the file Microsoft Word format. Downloading the Operational Summary Report in ZIP format will download a compressed file containing the following:

  • Operational Summary Report in DOCX format.

  • All individual findings in CSV format.

The type of report, standard or custom, and the date created is displayed next to each report.

Use the Filter option to search for specific Operational Summary Reports. You can filter by the following criteria.

  • Date range for when the report was created.

  • Report type (Standard or Custom).

Enter your filter criteria, then click Apply. To clear your filter, click Clear All.