You need to specify the vIMS (Clearwater) details in the clientConnect.conf file located in the Server Manager installation directory.

To specify details:


  1. At BASEDIR/smarts/bin, type the following command:
    sm_edit ../conf/clientConnect.conf
  2. Enter the following line for each clearwater instance:


    You must add the line for vims instance above

     " ::admin:<E-1.0>94689C5A7C826FD58DDE9F62284A68191EC739743EA25E5E1F76FE49 3337D558 "
    in the clientConnect.conf file.

    For example:

  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Restart the Server Manager.
    Note: This is required only if user wants to collect the SNMP Performance metrics for vIMS VNF nodes.