A DCF silent installation is an installation procedure that continues without user interaction.

Table 1. Variables Properties and Description
Property Description
Replay feature output This file was built by the Replay feature of InstallAnywhere. It contains variables that were set by Panels, Consoles or Custom Code.
USER_INSTALL_DIR Choose Install Folder, =/opt/DCF.
CTRL_URI_1=8443 Controller Details, Controller Port.
CTRL_UN Controller Username.
CTRL_PWD Controller Password.

MongoDB Details.

MongoDB URL.


MDB_UN MongoDB Username.
MDB_PWD MongoDB Password.


Create a configuration file for the installer to execute the installation. To create configuration file:
  1. Copy the sample configuration file from the distribution (installer.properties) to a directory on the server where you are installing DCF.
  2. Use any editor (vi/vim) to modify this file.
  3. Define each of the properties in this file for server type, according to Table Variables Properties and Description. Save the changes to the file.


  1. Login to server as root.
  2. Type “./release-1.0.0.<build_number>.bin –i silent -f installer.properties” to run the installer in the silent installer mode, press Enter.
    Note: Any user interaction is not required for this installer. Once it completes, a message displays indicating that installation is completed, and you are returned to the shell prompt. Logs are available at <DCF_INSTALL_DIRECTORY>/DCF_Logs.