The VMware Smart Assurance Remote Application Programming Interface (API) for Perl allows developers to create Perl scripts that connect to Domain Managers as clients to exchange information, manipulate data, or drive Domain Manager actions. The API provides access to all Domain Manager features, by using a syntax and logic that mirrors what is available through the Adapter Scripting Language (ASL) and the dmctl utility in a way that is natural to Perl developers. The API runs on UNIX platforms that support Perl 5.6.1 and Perl 5.8.x.

When using the provided Perl 5.8.8 version, the API uses a Flow module, which replaces IO::Socket and enables encryption and “keep alive” functionality. If you use Perl 5.6.1 there is no encryption or keep alive functionality.

The API also supports IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

In order to create scripts that interact with a Domain Manager, it is necessary to understand how the manager is configured.

A script developed using the Perl API can crete, delete and interact with instances of interfaces in a Domain Manager. The interfaces are defined using the MODEL language, compiled and loaded into a Domain Manager. The MODEL language is an object-oriented language used to construct a data model to describe a managed domain. The language is used to define a set of classes and the attributes, relationships, operations, and events that are associated with the classes.