Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) uses colons (:) in its addresses instead of periods (.), which are used in Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) .

Sometimes when you use VMware Smart Assurance APIs or command-line utilities, you need to specify an IP address with a port number. The port number is delimited by a colon (:). (The combination of an IP address and port number is also called a socket.)

For the IPv6 address and port number to be interpreted correctly, specify the IPv6 address by using one of the following conventions:

  • Enclose the IPv6 address within a pair of double quotation marks and square brackets. The syntax is:

  • Enclose the IPv6 address with a pair of back slashes and square brackets. The syntax is:

  • If the port is a default port, omit the port number and specify only the IPv6 address. No additional convention notations are needed.

    For example, for an IPv6 address and the default port of 162, specify: