$session->put_P( $object, $property, [ $type, $value ] )

The put_P() function writes the specified value to the specified object property.

The put_P() function is the low-level primitive that the put() function of InCharge::session uses, and is called when using the hash dereferencing syntax of InCharge::object.

The reader is encouraged to use the InCharge::object logic.

The following examples are essentially equivalent:

  • The first example

     $obj = $session->object( "Router::gw2" );
     $obj->{Vendor} = "Cisco";
  • The second example

     $obj->put( "Vendor", "Cisco" );
  • The third example

     $ojb->put( Vendor => "Cisco", PrimaryOwnerContact => "Joe Blog" );
  • The fourth example

     $session->put( "Router::gw", "Vendor", "Cisco" );
  • The fifth example

     $session->put_P( "Router::gw", "Vendor", [ "STRING", "Cisco" ] );