The Failover Manager monitors the operational state of the various VMware Smart Assurance components such as Broker, Trap Adapters, Trap Exploder, and the Active and Standby SAM, IP Manager, MPLS, Server Manager, NPM, VoIP Availability Manager, BIM, and Adapter Platform. When the Failover Manager detects that a failure of an Active component has occurred, it initiates a failover. The Failover Manager periodically takes a backup of the repository (RPS) and local files from the Active component to the Standby component.

If the Failover Manager monitoring process exits for some reason, you must restart Failover Manager manually. If the Failover Manager fails, you are notified as follows:

  • If the Failover Manager is connected to a Global Console when the Failover Manager fails, you are notified by a pop-up message stating that Failover Manager is disconnected.

  • If the Failover Manager is not connected to a console, the Failover Manager will be underlying to a Service Assurance Manager and the Domain Disconnected notification appears in the Notification Log Console.