A Site Failover scenario can have the following limitations:

  • If you had consoles attached to any of the Domain Managers on Location A while they were active, you have to reattach to the consoles via the Broker on Location B after the failover finishes.

  • To change the BROKER parameter and point it to the current active Broker, you must modify the ic-failover-server script.

  • For the SAM server with Notification Cache Publishing, if the Active site fails, user intervention is required to reconfigure the SolutionPack for VMware Smart Assurance to point to the Broker on the Standby site. In the SolutionPack, the Failover Manager updates the new EDAA details in the Report Section automatically. In the Data Collection and Events sections, you need to manually update the new Broker details.

    This may depend on the version of VMware M&R as described in “Failover of UI services is supported with Service Assurance Manager (SAM) 9.4 and VMware M&R 6.5u1” on page 53.