When the VMware M&R smarts-collector cannot collect performance data from newly-promoted Active Domain Managers due to high latency, you can configure a hook script which starts another VMware M&R collector to communicate with the newly-promoted Active Domain Manager.

Perform the following tasks:

  1. Modify the sample hook script on page 59

  2. Set the web-service gateway credentials in the clientConnect.conf file on page 59

  3. Import the web-service gateway certificate into the Failover Manager jre keystore on page 59 which includes restarting the Failover Manager.

    You can customize the sample hook script named failover_post_AMPM-sample.pl for the following configurations:

    • A group of Domain Managers defined by a ServerType communicating with one collector.

    • A specific Domain Manager communicating with one collector.

    • Different Domain Managers communicating with different collectors.

      Copy the sample script multiple times and rename it as failover_post_<ServerName>.pl for each Domain Manager.

      The Failover Manager runs the hook script each time a failover of a Domain Manager with the type <ServerType> or the name <ServerName> occurs.

      You might have a collector set up for each Domain Manager (IP Manager, MPLS Manager, NPM, and so on). If so, then you configure a hook script for each collector. Or, you might have one collector set up to collect from three IP Managers and another collector set up to collect from three Server Managers. Then, you configure a hook script with the AM type and another hook script with the ESM type.

      The hook script assumes that:

    • A collector near Site A is collecting from one or more Domain Managers. The hook script can be of same server type like AM-PM or AM, ESM.

    • Two web-service gateway services exist. One manages Collector A and the other manages Collector B. Or, there may be one web-service gateway that manages both collectors.

      By default, the hook script will not stop an VMware M&R collector for the failed Domain Manager, but the script will only start the collector near the new Active site. You can change this default behavior by modifying the stopNeeded parameter.

      The hook script uses the VMware M&R web-service gateway to send service requests. By default, the gateway uses https protocol.