Configuring the Active and Standby BIM components are optional.

  1. For the BIM service, use:

    ./sm_service install --force  --unmanaged  --startmode=runonce \
     '--name=ic-mbim-server' \
     '--description=EMC Smarts MBIM - Maintenance and Business Impact Manager Server' \
     '/<BASEDIR>/SAM/smarts/bin/sm_server' \
     '-n' \
     '--config=bim' \
     '--port=1752' \
    '--ignore-restore-errors' \
     '--noregister' \
  2. Start the service in “Start the services for SAM, Adapter Platform, and BIM” on page 27.

  3. For the Active BIM, add the Active Service Assurance Manager as a source.

  4. Attach a Global Console to the Active BIM by specifying “<FQDN hostA>:<portA>/<ServerName>” in the Manager Name field of the Attach Manager Dialog Box. For example,

  5. In the Domain Manager Administration Console, select INCHARGE-MBIM.

  6. Select Topology > Add Source.

  7. Specify INCHARGE-SA as a topology source for the Active BIM.

  8. Apply the configuration change and reconfigure BIM.