By default, the Server Manager connects to the configured underlying IP Managers to fetch initial topology for ESM discovery. This functionality needs to be disabled on both the Active and Standby Server Managers in a failover deployment before starting them.

The Failover Manager determines the Server Manager where the topology synchronization and discovery is enabled. Discovery or topology synchronization is always enabled on the Active Server Manager and disabled on the Standby Server Manager.

For both Active and Standby locations, use the following steps to disable discovery or topology synchronization in the Server Manager:

  1. In the installation area where the Server Manager is running, go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory and open the bootend.conf file for Server Manager. Type:

                   ./sm_edit conf/esm/bootend.conf
  2. Navigate to the following section in the bootend.conf file and change the value of suspendTopologyManager from False to TRUE.

    ICF_TopologyManager::ICF-TopologyManager {
    # suspendTopologyManager
    # Suspends all topology manager operations
    # Set this to TRUE if you are using the ESM Server
    # in a failover configuration
    # Default value is FALSE
        suspendTopologyManager = TRUE
  3. Save the file and exit.