Install the VMware Smart Assurance products on a logical drive instead of the drive where Windows is installed. This allows you to share the logical drive while protecting the drive where Windows is installed.

SMB 3.0, available starting in Windows 2012, can be configured to encrypt data sent between hosts. SMB 3.0 also supports a more secure signing algorithm than SMB 2.0 does.

Remote execution of scripts and the results of those scripts are sent in clear text over an HTTP connection to the WinRM listener on the remote host. The options needed to use HTTPS for Invoke-Command are not included in the scripts. The VMware Smart Assurance Release Notes for SAM, IP, ESM, MPLS, NPM, OTM, and VoIP Managers provides information and a security resolution in the topic, “Failover Manager sends data in clear text between Windows hosts” (SND-1848).