The Trap Exploder failover setup includes two hosts with an identical configuration for starting the Trap Exploder. Traps are sent to both Trap Exploders. Both Trap Exploders are receiving traps, but only the Active Trap Exploder is forwarding traps. The Active Trap Exploder forwards traps to both, active and standby, Trap Adapters. Failover Manager suspends trap forwarding in the Standby Trap Exploder.

If the Active Trap Exploder fails, the Failover Manager makes two attempts to restart it. If the two attempts fail, the Failover Manager proceeds to fail over to the Standby Trap Exploder. The Failover Manager registers the Standby Trap Exploder with the Broker and un-suspends trap forwarding in it and changes its role to Active. The FailoverRetries parameter in the failover.conf file determines the number of failover attempts.

If the Standby Trap Exploder fails, the current Active Trap Exploder continues to forward the traps, the Failover Manager attempts to restart the Standby Trap Exploder. If restart is successful, the Failover Manager makes sure that trap forwarding is suspended in the Standby Trap Exploder. If the Failover Manager fails to restart the Standby Trap Exploder, there are no entries taken and you will need to manually restart the Standby Trap Exploder.