Configure the IP Manager as a source for the Active SAM:

  1. Attach a Global Console to the Active SAM by specifying “<FQDN hostA>:<portA>/<ServerName>” in the Manager Name field of the Attach Manager Dialog Box. For example,

  2. From the menu, select Configure > Global Manager Administration Console.

  3. For the Active Service Assurance Manager, define the IP Manager as a source.

  4. Add the IP Manager details under ICS Configuration > IC Domain Configuration . Right-click Domains and select New Domain.

  5. Specify the IP Manager domain name, leaving this connection initially enabled.

    Do not specify the fully qualified host name (FQDN host), because the Broker recognizes whether the Active or Standby component is operational.

  6. In the Domain Creation Wizard, under Copy existing drop-down list, select INCHARGE-AM (or INCHARGE-PM or INCHARGE-AM-PM), and click Finish.

  7. Apply the configuration change and reconfigure the Active Service Assurance Manager.