VMware Smart Assurance IP Configuration Manager is not supported for failover.

If you are using the Configuration Manager in the VMware M&R UI to control discovery configuration settings, the Configuration Manager communicates with the VMware Smart Assurance Data Web Applications (Tomcat). Tomcat is one of the components of the SAM server with Notification Cache Publishing Enabled. The EMC Data Access API (EDAA) with service name smarts-edaa resides in Tomcat.

If the Tomcat service (smarts-tomcat) goes down, the Failover Manager considers the Active SAM to be down and performs a failover. The Failover Manager promotes the Standby SAM and its Standby services to Active. The Configuration Manager can continue to communicate with the newly-promoted Active Tomcat, because the Configuration Manager service indicates the primary and secondary EDAA in the Active and Standby Tomcats.

  1. The Configuration Manager service must be installed to be registered with both primary EDAA and secondary EDAA. Type:

    sm_service install --force  --unmanaged  --startmode=runonce \
     '--name=ic-ip-configuration-edaa' \
     '--description=EMC Smarts IP Configuration Manager for EDAA' \
     '/opt/InCharge/IP/smarts/bin/sm_server' \
     '--name=INCHARGE-CM' \
     '--config=icf-c' \
     '--bootstrap=bootstrap.conf' \
     '--port=0' \
     '--edaa=ip/2.0@SMARTS-EDAA-A,SMARTS-EDAA-B' \
     '--ignore-restore-errors' \
     '--nodx' \
  2. Start the Configuration Manager service from the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory:

    ./sm_service start ic-ip-configuration-edaa