Install the service for the Active IP Manager on an Active server (host A) and install the service for the Standby IP Manager on the Standby server (host B). Ensure that the services for both IP Managers use fixed ports (--port option) and the --noregister mode. Run the following command from IP Manager installation directory:


./sm_service install --force  --unmanaged  --startmode=runonce \
 '--name=ic-am-pm-server' \
 '--description=EMC Smarts Availability and Performance Manager Server' \
 '/<BASEDIR>/IP/smarts/bin/sm_server' \
 '--name=INCHARGE-AM-PM' \
'--config=icf' \
 '--bootstrap=bootstrap-am-pm.conf' \
 '--subscribe=default' \
 '--ignore-restore-errors' \