The Failover Manager validates the product software versions and the command-line string used to start the component.

  • Version validation: The Failover Manager checks the version of each of the products you have specified. If any component is found to be below version 9.1, it will be unmanaged and the component will not be monitored. If versions of either of the peers do not match both the Location A and Location B, the components specified in the failover.conf file for the Failover Manager will be unmanaged.

  • Command-line string validation: The Failover Manager expects the EMC Smarts services for components that participate in a failover deployment to be started by specifying some options explicitly, which include the following:

    • For all components except the Broker: --noregister and --port (-p) option

    • For Trap Adapter and Trap Exploder (TRAPE/TRAPD): --sport (-P) option along with the ones needed for all components

      If the components are not started by specifying these options, the components for both locations will be unmanaged on the Failover Manager.

      For more information, consult “Manage and Unmanage topology objects” on page 57.