For components deployed in the hot failover mode (SAM and Adapter Platform), topology and notification synchronization happens instantaneously using a data exchange file (DXA) between the Active components and their Standby counterparts.

By contrast, for components deployed in the warm failover mode (BIM, IP Manager, Server Manager, VoIP Availability Manager, Network Protocol Manager, and MPLS Manager), the latest topology in the Active component is transferred to the Standby counterpart only during a specified backup interval. During a backup:

  • Failover Manager copies all RPS files from the Active location to the Standby location.

  • The delta between the files in Active and Standby Domain Managers is incrementally restored on the Standby Domain Manager.

    This ensures that the changes in topology are updated in the Standby Domain Manager.

    If the failover happens before the topology changes are loaded from the Active to the Standby Domain Manager, then the newly-promoted Active IP Manager will not have the latest topology.

    However, the newly-promoted Service Assurance Manager might still continue to display notifications corresponding to devices which were existing in the earlier Active SAM before the failover happened.