For Windows only, the failover service (ic-failover)needs to be started as an administrator service for PowerShell remoting to work. Perform these additional steps before starting the failover service:

  1. After configuring the Failover Manager service using the sm_service install command (“Install the Failover Manager service” on page 57), go to the Windows Services Management Console.

  2. Click Start.

  3. Type services.msc in the Search box and press Enter.

  4. Right-click EMC Smarts Failover Manager and select Properties.

  5. Click the Log On tab.

  6. Select This account.

  7. Fill in the account name to read: <Machine-Name>\Administrator

    Where <Machine-Name> is the actual name of the machine.

    Or, type: .\Administrator in the field.

  8. Fill in the Administrator Password and Confirm Password fields.

  9. Click OK.