The Failover Manager supports a Site Failover or disaster-recovery (DR) scenario. In a site failover, components (all Domain Managers or all server hosts) on the active location or Location A fail. In this case, the Failover Manager switches the Domain Managers, including the Broker, to the standby location or Location B.

The Failover Manager performs the following operations when all Domain Managers or hosts on Location A fail:

  • Switches the Broker to Location B.

  • Updates the Broker to Location B on all Domain Managers at Location B.

  • Switches all Domain Managers from Location A to Location B.

    Following a failover for all components on Location A, the Failover Manager marks their roles as Standby and status as Down. If you restart the components on Location A, Failover Manager will determine their status as Up and continue to mark them as Standby. Synchronizations between the Domain Manager pairs will run from Location B to Location A. If you wish to failback to Location A, it is a manual task.

    Figure 1. Site failover