To maintain critical availability, VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager can be implemented with a failover system. The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Failover System ensures that the managed environment continues to be monitored when the primary Global Manager becomes unavailable because of a hardware failure or system malfunction. Redundancy is provided by a secondary Global Manager that serves as a backup to the primary Global Manager. The Failover System, which is configured to match the primary system, monitors the primary Global Manager. The Failover System periodically copies the repository file to the secondary Global Manager, thus preserving important topology and configuration information.

If a failure occurs, the secondary Global Manager automatically starts. The secondary Global Manager registers with the VMware Smart Assurance Broker using the name of the primary Global Manager. Clients of the primary Global Manager (such as the Global Console and adapters) that become disconnected can reconnect to the secondary Global Manager.

When the primary Global Manager is again available to monitor the managed environment, a reset script copies the backup repository to the primary Global Manager, shuts down the secondary Global Manager, and restarts the primary Global Manager.