This section provides the sources for the two interfaces that comprise the VMware Smart Assurance NOTIF Java API.


         package com.vmware.smarts.notif.api;
public interface notifEventProcessor
void process ( notifEventDataAccessor eda );
package com.vmware.smarts.notif.api;
public interface notifEventDataAccessor
public String getClassName();
public void setClassName(String className);
public String getInstanceName();  
public void setInstanceName(String val);

public String getEventName();  
public void setEventName(String val);

public String getSeverity();
public void setSeverity(String val);

public String getEventText();  
public void setEventText(String val);

public String getCategory(); 
public void setCategory(String val);
public String getExpiration();
public void setExpiration(String val);

public String getEventState(); 
 public void setEventState(String val);

public boolean getInMaintenance();  
public void setInMaintenance(boolean val);
public boolean getClearOnAcknowledge();
public void setClearOnAcknowledge(boolean val);  
public String getEventType();  
public void setEventType(String val);
public String getElementClassName(); 
public void setElementClassName(String val);
public String getElementName();  
public void setElementName(String val);
public String getUserDefined ( int i ); // 1-20  
 public void setUserDefined ( int i, String val );
public boolean getDiscardTrap();
public void setDiscardTrap(boolean val);
 // trap data
public String getTimestamp();  
public String getSource();  
public String getSysNameOrAddr();  
public String getEnterprise();  
public String getGeneric();  
public String getSpecific(); 
public String getVarbindValue(int which);
public String getVarbindOID(int which);