This section illustrates the DCF patch installation in Unattended (Silent) mode that is patch installation without user input.

To start with an unattended installation of the DCF patch, type the below setup command and press Enter.

Setup command syntax for unattended mode when DCF base install location is /opt/DCF.

Operating system

Unattended setup command syntax


./dcf- -i silent

If the base install location is different from /opt/DCF, specify the location of the product suite to be patched in properties file.

For example, by adding DCF installation path as:

USER_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/DCF1 in “” file.

Execute the command to create file:


Provide path to the file if it is not present in the dcf binary location and execute the following command for installation of DCF Patch:

./dcf- -i silent -f

Note: Ensure to update the file with DCF 10.0.0 base directory <DCF_Install_DIRECTORY>,otherwise installation takes place at the new location causing two DCF instances.