This chapters helps you to configure new flags.

New parameters has been introduced with this patch release in ESM

Table Parameters and Descriptions illustrates about the new parameters and their descriptions in ESM file.

Table 1. Parameters and Descriptions
Parameters Descriptions
VCO_USERTYPE-<Orchestrator_host_IP_address> operator| MSP Defines the VeloCloud usertype.
Note: Usertype is a mandatory parameter and it can either be "operator" or "MSP".
VCO_ENTERPRISE_FILTER-<Orchestrator_host_IP_address> <REGEX FILTER>

Defines the RegEx pattern for list of enterprises in the VeloCloud that ESM needs to discover and monitor.

The regex pattern must confirm to patterns defined in java.util.regex documentation. This is an optional parameter.

Default filter is .* (i.e discover all enterprises that belong to a specific user)

For example, if ESM needs to discover two Tenants, "A" and "B", then the parameter can be defined as "A|B".

VCO_ENTERPRISE_FILTER-<Orchestrator_host_IP_address> A|B

VCO_HTTP_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT-<Orchestrator_host_IP_address> <Time in Seconds>

Defines the http timeout for response in seconds for VeloCloud discovery and monitoring collector while fetching Topology using REST API. This is an optional parameter. Default value is 120 seconds.

VCO_DISCOVERY_TIMEOUT-<Orchestrator_host_IP_address> <Time in Seconds>

Defines the discovery collector timeout in seconds for VeloCloud discovery. This is an optional parameter. Default value is 3600 seconds.

Note: The following parameters need to be modified in esm-param.conf file to discover a Topology having around 3500 Vedges, the parameters need to be modified in esm-param-conf file based on customer deployement:
  • MessagePollTimeoutPeriodInSeconds-<kafka_IP_Address> 2400

    When the latency between orchestrator and the DCF collector is higher this flag needs to be set to a higher value. This flag dictate the timeout value for the ESM to wait for messages from kafka. If the timeout expires then the discovery is stopped abruptly.

  • VCO_HTTP_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT-<Orchestrator IP> 220

    This the timeout value for the http request that the DCF collector sends to the orchestrator. While configuring this value the processing time of the orchestrator must also be considered into account as some of the REST API take longer time to return.

  • VCO_DISCOVERY_TIMEOUT-<Orchestrator IP> 18000

    This parameter value need to be increased based on the topology size. This is the maximum time in seconds that the collector is let to run before abruptly stopping the collector. This is a safeguard measure to prevent the collector to be keep running under a false condition.

Configuration Flags in IP Certification

  • EnableMXVirtualRouterDiscovery: This flag must be enabled for Juniper MX480 virtual router discovery.
    # EnableMXVirtualRouterDiscovery (Enables or disables the discovery of Juniper MX Series Virtual Router based on SystemName):
    # Default = This virtual router discovery is disabled.
    EnableMXVirtualRouterDiscovery SystemName1|SystemName2
  • MXLogicalCommunityOnly: This flag must be enabled for virtual router community string based on SystemName.
    # MXLogicalCommunityOnly - Add SystemName to allow selective logical router default community string format without main router community string..
    # Example: if logical/default@XXXXX ( Here XXXXX is main router community string ) is actual string for logical router, then we need to configure only logical string format like logical/default
    MXLogicalCommunityOnly-SystemName1 logical/default