The dmctl utility can be used to register actions, probes, and application signatures.

The syntax is:

▼dmctl>invoke ApplicationSignatureManager::ApplicationSignature-Manager registerXMLFile <XMLFileName>▲

where <XMLFileName> can be name of the XML file in the BASEDIR/integration or BASEDIR/local/integration directories.

The file can be an XML specification file of a signature, probe, or action.

You can also invoke the command as follows:

▼BASEDIR/bin>dmctl -s <serverName>--broker=<host>:<port> invoke ApplicationSignatureManager::ApplicationSignature-Manager registerXMLFile <XMLFileName>▲

The following command forces a flush of a database respository to a disk:

▼BASEDIR/bin>dmctl -s IC-ACM invoke ICF_PersistenceManager::ICF-PersistenceManager save▲

The following command forces a synchronization of INCHARGE-OI data to INCHARGE-SA (Service Assurance Manager) data:

▼BASEDIR/bin>dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA invoke GA_DaemonDriver::INCHARGE-OI_Topo-Driver start▲

The following command retrieves the application signature AS-IANA-telnet:

▼BASEDIR/bin>dmctl -s IC-ACM get ApplicationSignature::AS-IANA-telnet▲

The following command retrieves all host instances:

▼BASEDIR/bin>dmctl -s IC-ACM getl Host▲

Note: ▼▲ Indicates that the command must be typed as one line.