Performance factors” explains the performance factor that determine the custom action monitoring. “Recommendations” gives recommendation on how to optimize the custom action monitoring.

While PollingGroup provides configuration time optimization by allowing the same parameters to the monitoring actions, the ContextGroup provides runtime optimization by combining group of softwareservice objects to share the instance of the PerlScript invocation.

It is recommended to use context grouping to enable the invoking each PerlScript before the timeout limit. The ContextGrouping indicates how grouping of software services must be applied for each PerlScript invocation. It also allows groups of software service to be monitored by a single instance of the PerlScript. Figure Types of ContextGrouping shows the types of ContextGrouping options.

Figure 1. Types of ContextGrouping

You can select one the options described in Table ContextGrouping options.

Table 1. ContextGrouping options

This is the name of the MonitoringAction. It is recommended to be used in the smallest topology only.

If this option is selected, a PerlScript is invoked for members of a polling group that have the same monitoring action name.


This is the name of the Polling Group.

If this option is selected, one instance of PerlScript is invoked for all members of the same polling group.


If this option is selected, different instances of the PerlScript is invoked for every member of a polling group.