Application Connectivity Monitor provides the following custom actions examples.

Each of these examples contain a

  • sshLoginCheck

    The sshLoginCheck verifies the ssh server by logging in to the server using the credentials provided in the Device Access tab. It also demonstrates the use of extraParam to pass valid login prompt.

    A detailed documentation for this example is available at local/integration/samples/sshLoginCheck/sshLoginCheck.Readme.txt
  • smtpCheck

    The smptCheck verifies the status of the smtp service by connecting to the smtp server. It validates the response and reports response time. It also demonstrates the event generation (Degrade event) when response time is slow.

    A detailed documentation is available at local/integration/samples/smtpCheck/smtpCheck.Readme.txt
  • ftpTransferCheck

    The ftpTransferCheck verifies the status of the ftp servers by login and downloading a text file. It demonstrates a technique to pass multiple parameters to the PerlScript using extraParam.

    A detailed documentation is available at local/integration/samples/ftpTransferCheck/ftpTransferCheck.Readme.txt