Once a third-party adapter is configured to work with Application Connectivity Monitor:


  1. The following topological elements are created for the third-party adapters in the Smarts Adapter Platform:
    • SoftwareService instance
    • Hosts related to SoftwareService instance using HostedBy
  2. The third-party events are mapped to the appropriate Smarts event:
    • Classname is SoftwareService
    • InstanceName
    • EventName to MinorSymptom, MajorSymptom, CriticalSymptom, or DownSymptom
  3. An occurredOn relationship is created between the notification and the topology element in the Adapter Platform.
  4. The topology for the relationship is created in the Adapter Platform.
  5. The topology created in the Adapter Platform is sent to Application Connectivity Monitor.
  6. Application Connectivity Monitor adds the topology from the Adapter Platform as a source.