Monitoring actions are scripts or programs that are associated with application signature, one per signature. The actions monitor the availability and health of applications. Application Connectivity Monitor includes one predefined monitoring action: a tcpAction. The tcpAction is a standard action that is used by all the signatures included with Application Connectivity Monitor.

Figure Monitoring Action dialog box illustrates the dialog box used to customize the parameters of the Monitoring Action for the application signature. The dialog box displays the parameters of the selected monitoring action in the Application Signature tab. Only the values for the parameters can be changed.

If you do not specify any values for the parameters, default values specified during the registration of the action are assigned to the parameters. The parameters labeled in red are required for the execution of the monitoring action.

To specify the parameters for a Monitoring Action:


  1. Click the Application Signature tab.
  2. Type a new application signature or select an existing signature from the list at the top of the tab.
  3. Select a monitoring action from the Monitoring Action field.
  4. Click the Customize button.
    The Customize Monitoring Action dialog box displays
  5. Type values for the parameters as necessary.
    Note: The parameters labeled in red are required. In addition, the dialog box displays a message at the bottom identifying required parameters.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Select the Enabled checkbox if the signature is disabled.
  8. Click Apply.