To allow filtering of computers and software elements while importing topology from the Smarts adapter platform, you must add one or more filter statements to the the dxa-asm-from-oi.conf file.

Note: The dxa-asm-from-oi.conf file includes filter statement examples.

To modify the dxa-asm-from-oi conf file:


  1. Using sm_edit utility, uncomment the filter statement examples.
    Filter statement examples are defined below.
    Host name
    1. filter host=name*
    2. filter host=name*;managed=asis;monitored=asis
    3. filter host=~host*
    Note: Using the tilde sign filters out any host whose label begins with "host".
    IP addresses
    1. filter ip=192.168.*.*
    2. filter ip=~
    Note: Using the tilde sign filters out any object with an IP of
    Display class name
    1. filter displayclassname="my name"
    Host software
    1. filter software=snmp*
  2. Define whether the discovered hosts are managed or monitored.
    Available options include:
    • Managed — A managed element (host) is used by Application Connectivity Monitor for analysis. Application Connectivity Monitor manages elements monitored by third-party software.
    • Monitored — A monitored element is periodically queried for its status.
    • Acceptable
    Note: Host elements are not set with the default monitored option of Yes because Application Connectivity Monitor does not monitor UnitaryHostSystems.

    Values for the Managed and Monitored options include:

    • Yes — The default, not specified, value for the Managedoption.
    • No — The default value for the Monitored option unless the Smarts Adapter Platform element isMonitored attribute is not defined. If the Smarts Adapter Platform element isMonitored is not defined, the monitored option default value is Yes.
    • asis — The import filter does not update or modify the is managed or isMonitored attribute values. The import filter assumes that the importing adapter software has been properly configured.

    Table Managed and Monitored option combinations combinations of managed and monitored that can be used.

    Table 1. Managed and Monitored option combinations
    Managed Monitored Acceptable
    Yes Yes Yes
    Yes No Yes
    No Yes No
    No No Yes
  3. Save the changes made to the dxa-asm-from-oi.conf file.
    Note: You do not need to stop and restart any of the domain managers when modifying the dxa-asm-from-oi.conf file.