This section illustrates the script based software checks in ACM.

Two types of checks are available in Application Connectivity Monitor:

Note: The External Software Element Check is not explained in this section because it is recommended to be used in a test or development environment only.
  • TCP Polling check

    This feature existed in the earlier releases of VMware Smart Assurance Application Connectivity Monitor. The Standard tcpAction explains the standard tcpcheck.

  • Table TCP Check parameter explains the parameters of TCP check.

    Script Based Software Service Check

    This check is newly introduced in version 10.1 release. Table Script Based Software Check parameters explains the parameters of Script Based Software check.


  1. Select the script for which you want to enable monitoring.
    In this example, we have selected Script Based Software Service Check.
  2. Specify the parameters for Script Based Software Service Check.
  3. Click Apply to save the configuration changes.