Importing application signatures is recommnded to be used on a fresh Application Connectivity Monitor server where application signature is not configured.

If you are importing application signatures to a version of Application Connectivity Monitor where the application signatures are already configures, the imported application signatures overwrites the existing application signatures.

Use the following command to import the application signatures:

▼sm_adapter.exe -s IC-ACM -Daction=import--file=appsig.export app-sig/app-sig-export.asl▲

Note: ▼ ▲ Indicates that the command must be typed as one line.

In this command, appsig.export is a single file which consists of the application signatures in XML format.


▼./sm_adapter -s INCHARGE-ACM-RG -b localhost:426-Daction=import --file=local/logs/appsig.export/app-sig/app-sig-export.asl▲