This illustrates the softwareService subclasses.

Subclasses of the SoftwareService class include:

  • ApplicationServer — Described in “ApplicationServerApplicationServer”.
  • WebServer — A WebServer is a Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Service for exchanging files (text, graphic, sound, video, and other multimedia files) on the World Wide Web.
  • DatabaseServer — A DatabaseServer is a data retrieval service for getting information and making updates to a database.
  • VirtualSoftwareService– described in “VirtualSoftwareService”.
  • MgmtService — Described in “MgmtService”.
  • NameServer — A NameServer is a name resolution server.
  • Several domains use these types of services to resolve names into addresses or other kinds of information.
  • DNSService — A DNSService is a Domain Name Services server for hostname-to-IP-address and IP-address-to-hostname resolution.
  • DirectoryServer — A DirectoryServer is a specialized server
  • which responds to requests for specific resources, services, users, groups, and so on.
  • LDAPService — A LDAPService is a LDAP server for directory access.
  • MailServer — Described in “MailServer”.
  • SMTPService — A SMTPService is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service for sending and receiving electronic mail.
  • NNTPService — A NNTPService is a Network News Transfer Protocol service for managing notes posted on news groups.
  • FTPService — A FTPService is a File Transfer Protocol service for exchanging files between computers on a network.
  • MessageQueueService — A MessageQueueService is an application that provides queue-based messaging services.
  • TerminalService — Described in “TerminalService”.
  • FirewallService — A firewall service is a software component which acts as a gatekeeper of networks deciding which packets are allowed to pass from one network to another.