This section details the inheritance of the different application elements.

Inheritance defines the hierarchy of the different classes of application elements. Application elements are related in a subclass/superclass hierarchy. All of the properties defined for a superclass are inherited by its subclasses. For example, an ApplicationServer is a subclass of SoftwareService. An ApplicationServer element would inherit any root-cause problems, symptomatic events, aggregates, and other properties that are defined for a SoftwareService element. Subclasses may also define their own properties or modify the properties that they inherit from their superclass.

Application Connectivity Monitor includes high-level abstract ApplicationService and ApplicationTask classes, and the lower level SoftwareService classes.

Figure 1. SoftwareElement hierarchy
Figure 2. SoftwareElementCheck hierarchy
Figure 3. SofwareConnection hierarchy
Figure 4. UnitaryComputerSystem hierarchy
Figure 5. RedundancyGroup hierarchy
Figure 6. ProtocolEndpoint hierarchy