The following messages may be received and reported in the various Application Connectivity Monitor discovery logs:
Table 1. Error validating existing software services
Error Message Error validating existing software services.

This message may occur during a rediscovery and indicates that anexistingsoftware service cannot be found in the Application Connectivity Monitor topology. This can be causedby a mismatchin the saved properties for that software service and its current properties.

Example: the underlying host object for asoftware service may have a different IP address fromthe last discovery cycle.

Recommended Action Atopology refresh is required by ensuring the current IPdiscovered objects have been imported into Application Connectivity Monitor.
Table 2. TOPO-W-TM_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_SET-Empty object name returned by the probe driver
Error Message TOPO-W-TM_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_SET-Empty object name returned by the probe driver.


The discovery probe has not defined an object name and has defaulted to empty string. This object name is optional.
Recommended Action No action is required.