The following ASL script prints JMS message rate status to the Adapter log file. It provides the following information:

  • JMS message receiving rate. This is the rate at which the Adapter receives JMS messages from the EMS.

  • Total number of JMS messages received

    Use the following command to view this information in the log:

    bin/sm_adapter -s ASAM alcatel-sam/showStatus.asl

    The following is an example of output from the log:

    Status is taken for the duration of last 10 minutes 0 seconds
    JMS message received:63 Avg msg/sec:0.09
    TextMessage queue:0 used:39 discarded:24 discarded pct:38% last discarded:
    Alarm queue:0 is locked? false Alarms processed:7 Avg alarm/sec:0.01
    Event queue:0 is locked? false Events processed:32 Avg Topo event/sec:0.04