Discovery is broken into two phases: physical and logical. For physical discovery, there is a direct correlation between Alcatel-Lucent database objects and the VMware Smart Assurance topology elements to which they are mapped. Logical discovery is more complex, because the Adapter must query multiple Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS database structures in order to determine the logical relationships.

The Adapter discovers the following topology elements:

  • Physical topology—Routers, Switches, BaseCards, DaughterCards, Chassis, IPs, Network Connections, IPNetworks, MACs, and Interfaces

  • Logical topology:

    • IP Availability Manager—NetworkAdapterRedundancyGroups (from Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS Link Aggregation Groups)

    • MPLS—VPLS, VLLs, GREs, LDPs, VPNs, VRFs, MPLSServices, LSPs, LSPHops, and ForwarderEndpoints

    • NPM-BGP—Confederation, AutonomousSystem, BGPProtocolEndpoint, BGPSession, BGPService, BGPCluster

    • NPM-OSPF—OSPFArea, OSPFAreaConfiguration, OSPFService, OSPFNetwork, OSPFNeighborEndpoint, OSPFVirtualNeighborEndpoint, OSPFInterface, OSPFVirtualInterface, OSPFNeighborRelationship, OSPFVirtualLink

    • NPM-ISIS—ISISAdjacency, ISISArea, ISISInterface, ISISNeighborEndpoint, ISISNetwork, ISISService

    • Multicast—IGMPInterface, IGMPNetwork, MulticastGroup, MulticastService, MulticastSource, MulticastTree, PIMInterface, PIMStarG, PIMSourceG, PIMHop

      The Adapter instantiates physical topology into the IP Availability Manager, physical and logical topology into the MPLS Manager, the NPM Managers (BGP, OSPF, and IS-IS), and the Multicast Manager.

      For detailed information about the mapping and filtering of 5620 SAM EMS elements to VMware Smart Assurance objects, the following appendices are available:

  • “Mapping of Smarts objects and SAM-O Objects” on page 91

  • “Mapping of SAM-O Objects and Smarts Notifications” on page 111