The following sample procedure will perform runtime filtering on CLLI codes, based on the site name. This procedure will filter all routers and switches, where the site name begins with HOUSTX:

  1. At ASAM_BASEDIR/smarts/bin, enter the following command to create a configuration file, filters.txt:

    sm_edit conf/alcatel-sam/DevicesNotInEffect.conf
  2. Edit the empty file to include a single line with the contents, HOUSTX.*

  3. Save and close the file.


    Regular expressions are powerful ways of specifying how one can match character strings. To specify how to match a character string that starts with HOUSTX, add .* (a period followed by an asterisk), which may be slightly different that what you expect from your experience searching for files, where an asterisk is usually sufficient. In regular expressions, HOUSTX* (without the period) would match HOUST, HOUSTX, HOUSTXX, HOUSTXXX, etc. If the HOUSTX.* is specified, the matching character string must have HOUSTX and zero or more of any possible characters.