A request for a full discovery automatically synchronizes the alarms in the VMware Smart Assurance Notification Log with the alarms in the Adapter. That is, it removes alarms in VMware Smart Assurance software that are no longer in the Adapter, and it reintroduces alarms that have been removed or are missing from the Adapter.


The Adapter does not reintroduce alarms if the alarm is configured to be INACTIVE.

You can change the ASA-Alarm.conf file so that alarms that were previously placed in the Adapter Platform (OI) are now inactive, are removed during sychronization. In addition, you can manually trigger alarm rediscovery by invoking the alarmRediscover.asl script. The Adapter has some configuration alarms which do not clear when the configuration problem is fixed, so the alarmRediscover.asl script can remove alarms for conditions that no longer apply.