In order to enable interoperability of the Network Protocol Management Suite with both IP Availability Manager and Adapter for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS Version 3.5, you must add the IP-Analysis Manager as the source for each Network Protocol Manager.


For interoperability with IP Availability Manager, you must choose the IP-Analysis Manager server name as the topology source.

The VMware Smart Assurance Network Protocol Manager Discovery Guide Supplement explains the procedure in more detail. Here is an example procedure to follow:

  1. Start the Global Console.

    On a UNIX system, go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory in the Service Assurance Manager (Global Manager) installation area and type:


    Press Enter.

  2. In the dialog box:

  3. Ensure that the VMware Smart Assurance Broker for your deployment appears in the Broker text box.

  4. Click the Manager list box or the Browse button to display a list of active (running) Managers, and from that list select a Network Protocol Manager to which you want to connect.

  5. Type your login username and password.

  6. Click OK.

    The Topology Browser console opens.

  7. On the Console, select Configure > Domain Manager Administration Console.

  8. In the Domain Manager Administration Console attached to a Network Protocol Manager such as INCHARGE-BGP, select Topology > Add Source to launch the Add Source dialog box.

  9. In the Add Source dialog box, select AM from the Element Type list, and type the name of the IP-Analysis Manager in the Element Name field.

  10. Click OK to add the IP-Analysis Manager as a topology source.