The unattended mode enables you to automate the removal of VMware Smart Assurance products.

  1. Invoke the uninstallation program with appropriate options for the operating system:

    • On UNIX systems, use the uninstaller program:

      /_uninst/uninstaller -i -silent
  2. Examine any remaining directories if you plan to re-install the product and save customized files located in the /local directory. Depending upon the product, some or all of the following subdirectories will remain in the BASEDIR/smarts directory after uninstallation because they contain user-modified files:

    • /local

      • /bin

      • /setup

        The log files from the uninstallation are located in the BASEDIR/smarts/setup/logsdirectory. If the uninstallation process fails, the log files are located in the /tmp directory. A non-zero status indicates a failure.