To uninstall an VMware Smart Assurance product:

  1. Type the following command and press Enter:

                   /_uninst/uninstaller -i console
  2. Upon completion, the Uninstallation Summary displays informational messages such as successful confirmations, error messages, and warnings. Press Enter to continue.

  3. If necessary, the installation program will prompt to restart your computer. Press Enter to restart.

  4. Examine any remaining directories if you plan to re-install the product and save customized files located in the /local directory. Depending upon the product, some or all of the following subdirectories will remain in the BASEDIR/smarts directory after uninstallation because they contain user-modified files:

    • /local

      • /bin

      • /setup

        The installation log file is a text file with the naming convention Uninstall.<product>.<productversionNumber>.log. It is located in the BASEDIR/smarts/setup/logs directory. If the uninstallation process fails, the log files are located in the /tmp directory.