You can configure SAM (Service Assurance Manager), to get alert notifications from vRealize Operations.

To get vROPS alerts in SAM, follow the procedure:


Install and configure the vROPS alerts collector, refer VMware Smart Assurance UI Platform User and Configuration Guide, chapter VMware vROPs Alerts collector.


  1. Go to, <SAM-Basedir>/smarts/local/conf/icoi/kafaka_adapter.conf, file and edit the kafaka_adapter.conf file, by invoking the command: vi /opt/InCharge/SAM/smarts/conf/icoi/kafaka_adapter.conf.
    1. Set EnableKafkaSubscription to TRUE.
    2. Set BrokerInfo to <KAFKA BROKER IP>:<KAFKA BROKER PORT>.
    3. Set Topic to the topic that was configured in the vROPS alerts collector.
    For example, topic name can be vrops-alerts.
  2. Type the following command to, go to bin directory:
    cd /opt/InCharge/SAM/smarts/bin
  3. Go to, <SAM-Basedir>/smarts/local/conf/clientConnect.conf file, and edit the clientConnect.conf file, by invoking the command: ./sm_edit conf/clientConnect.conf.
    1. Add the following line just before the admin password:kafka:<kafka broker ip>:<Kafla admin user>:<Kafka admin password
    2. Restart OI server.
      Note: The OI server automatically connects to Kafka, if EnableKafkaSubscription is set to TRUE.