This section helps you to install K4M.

Procedure to install K4M:


  1. Login as root
  2. Copy installer file “vmware-k4m-VERSION-nogui-installer.bin” to host. This location is INSTALLER_DIR.
  3. Change to INSTALLER_DIR and modify permissions:
    $ chmod +x vmware-k4m-VERSION-nogui-installer.bin
  4. Launch the installer and follow the prompts on the terminal till the installer completes installation:
    $ ./vmware-k4m-VERSION-nogui-installer.bin
  5. By default, VMware K4M is installed under /opt. Can be modified, must enter the absolute path to your location and modify scripts as mentioned in subsequent steps. Recommend to use default.
  6. Installation finished, with messages as displayed below:
    Congratulations. VMware K4M <VERSION> has been successfully
    installed at:

    Product is extracted to /opt/vmware-k4m (or your_location/vmware-k4m). You can refer to this location as VMWARE_K4M_HOME.

  7. VMWARE_K4M_HOME contains:
    • config
    • examples
    • k4m-rest-VERSION.tar.gz
    • license
    • scripts
    Note: Installation process and creates logs under INSTALLER_DIR/_VMware K4M_installer/logs. The . log file has the installation process details and the .txt file has information about the installer.