A pre-requisite for creating this connection is that the IP server should discover the PE Routers and should also have MPLS discovery enabled. To enable MPLS discovery set DisableMPLSDiscovery to false in tpmgr-param.conf. In the Server Manager enable the parameter EnableMPLSTopologyImport in esm-param.conf file.

If the VeloCloud orchestrator REST API reports the PE Router IP Address as the MPLS gateway IP for an Edge then Server Manager with the imported topology from Smarts IP Manager be able form the Network Connection between Edge and the PE Router Interface. The VeloCloud orchestrator reports the PE Router IP address as the MPLS gateway IP if the Edge is directly connected to PE. If the edge connects to a CE which in turn connect to the MPLS PE router then the orchestrator REST API used for discovery may not report the MPLS PE IP address. In this case the user defined connection conf which is used to created Edge to Edge tunnel is also used to create the Edge to PE connection.