You need to configure Server Manager with EMC M&R read-only credentials. To configure the read-only credentials:

  1. Start a Service Assurance Manager console with ESM Domain Manager.

  2. In the Topology Browser console, go to Configure and select Domain Manager Administration Console.

  3. In the Domain Manager Administration Console topology, right-click the ESM server in the left pane and select Configure ESM Credentials.

  4. In the Configure ESM Credentials window, select EMC M&R and enter the following information:

    • Host URL— enter the URL of the host where EMC M&R resides.

      • User ID

      • Password

      • Port

  5. Click:

    • Test credential — to test the EMC M&R credential.

      • Apply credential with testing — to apply the EMC M&R credential after testing it.

      • Apply credential without testing — to apply the EMC M&R credential without testing it.