For this task, when you use the console, you need to have Smarts administrator credentials to open the Configure menu where you specify the OpenStack credentials.

If you need to specify the OpenStack credentials in the clientConnect.conf file, skip this section and refer to the section “Configuring different ports for KeyStone” on page 163.

  1. Open the Service Assurance Manager Global Console attached to the Server Manager (INCHARGE-ESM, by default).

  2. In the Topology Browser Console, select Configure > Domain Manager Administration Console.

  3. Right-click the ESM server in the left pane and select Configure ESM credentials.

  4. In the Configure ESM credentials dialog box, select OpenStack for the host type.

  5. Type values in the following fields:




OpenStack Controller Host IP address

User ID

OpenStack administrator user name


OpenStack administrator password


OpenStack domain. Value is default if not provided.


Port number for the Keystone OpenStack service. Default is: 5000.

  1. Click Apply credential with testing.

  2. Verify that your OpenStack credentials are accepted by checking the status indicator in the Configure ESM credentials dialog box.

    A green Passed test status indicates that the credentials are accepted.

    If the OpenStack credentials are not accepted, confirm that the credentials are correct and enter them again in the Configure ESM credentials dialog box.

    You can also check the log file: “Verify that OpenStack credentials are accepted in the log file” on page 161

  3. Click Close.

  4. In the Domain Manager Administration Console, select your IP Manager and select Topology > Discover All to discover OpenStack and the KVM hypervisor. At the end of the IP Manager discovery process, the Server Manager discovery process is automatically started.