To configure Server Manager to discover and monitor the VeloCloud components, the following information needs to be configured.


  1. DCF Controller credentials and the IP address of the DCF Controller server.
  2. Kafka server and credentials details.
  3. Orchestrator user credentials and the IP address of the Orchestrator host.
  4. Associate the orchestrator IP address to a particular DCF Controller and Kafka configuration.

    The credential and server details (1-3) can be configured by editing clientConnect.conf. In case of kafka(2) and Orchestrator (3) it can also be configured using the UI.

    These configuration changes take effect in the next start of the server. So, if the server is already running restart the server once these configuration changes are done.

    VeloCloud configuration tasks table lists the VeloCloud configuration tasks.

    Table 1. VeloCloud configuration tasks

    Configuration Task

    Configuration Source


    Optionally, enable/disable VeloCloud discovery


    Enabling and Disabling VeloCloud discovery

    Configure VeloCloud Orchestrator credentials through GUI

    Domain Manager Administration Console in the Global Console

    Configure Orchestrator credentials through GUI

    Configure VeloCloud Orchestrator Credentials through clientConnect.conf file


    Configuring Orchestrator credentials through clientConnect.conf file
    Configure Kafka/Kafka Cluster and Data Collection Framework(DCF) Controller details through clientConnect.conf and esm-param.conf files.

    Refer VMware Smart Assurance UI Installation Guide and Configuration Guide for Data Collection Framework(DCF) detail.



    Configuring Kafka/Kafka Cluster and Data Collection Framework(DCF) Controller details