The VeloCloud DCF collector collects and sends the topology and status monitoring information to Smart Assurance by default. User can configure the collector to collect and send topology and link performance data to MnR. User can use this data from MnR and can develop the report pack around this data.

Steps to configure ESM, so that it can provide VCO link performace and topology data to MnR:


  1. At BASEDIR/smarts/bin/ enter the command:
    ./sm_edit conf/esm/esm-param.conf
  2. For each orchestrator instance, enter the following line to send the data to MnR:
    VCO_PERFMETRIC_CONNECTOR-<orchestrator IP> <MnR Host>:<MnR backend port >
    For example,


  3. Save and close the conf file.
  4. Restart the server to accomplish this configuration.
    Alternatively, during the configuration of orchestrator, this configuration can be applied.

    Refer "DCF and MnR Integration" for more details and the procedure for updating the collector without restarting ESM server.